• 2014G-Navy

2014 Girls Navy

2023-2024 Season


ASA Academy

2023-24 Planned Tournaments:

Fall: Kick for the Cure, Christmas Angel
Spring: TBD

Team Outlook from Coach Jeff

A new team at FCB for the 2023-2024 season. We are a young, mixed age team with all but two of these girls playing 4v4 last year and playing against teams that have already head a year of 7v7. The transition to 7v7 is going very well and it is exciting to see how the girls are learning and competing, as well as bonding as a team every week on the field and off the field.

Playing Style

  • Our playing style is based off of Dutch Total Soccer where we stress possession and continue to focus on ball mastery to increase confidence with the ball at our feet vs the feeling to just “kick it” whenever in trouble
  • We value individual technique and skill, and start to introduce beginning concepts around formations, spacing and movements on the field
  • We attack and defend as a team and put a focus on building out from the back and transition between offense-defense and defense-offense