• 2010B-Orange

2010 Boys Orange

2023-2024 Season


ASA Open League U14 – Division 5

Planned Tournaments:

This season we plan on playing in the Ahwatukee Classic, Rush Cup, and Christmas Angel tournaments.

Team Outlook from Coach Martell

Being one of the new teams to be added to the FC Batavia family in 2023, I’m excited to see not only the development of the individual players, but the bond between them as the season progresses. These players will work hard this season and set the example for what it means to be a part of FC Batavia. We look forward to taking on whatever challenges come our way this season.

Playing Style

  • Our playing style is based off of Dutch Total Soccer where we stress possession to break down our opponents and create the best scoring opportunities
  • We value individual technique and skill combined with team tactical awareness to put us in the best position on both defense and offense, and in transition
  • We defend and attack as a team and expect players to be fluent, knowledgeable and adaptable to play any position the team needs