College Recruiting Programs.

FCB and Ethos Recruiting have partnered up to provide our players and their families the necessary knowledge and resources to successfully pursue collegiate soccer.

Players looking to take their game to college will be able to tap into some (or all depending on the package) of the resources of world-renowned recruiting company Ethos Recruiting. Ethos has procured over $65 million in scholarships for their clients through personal relationships with over 1,200 universities.

While some clubs offer little to help players that are interested in playing in college, others demand in our opinion an unjustifiably high financial and time commitment. We therefore offer a balanced, customized, and proven program which consists of:

  • The Basic Placement Package

    (Available to all FC Batavia families) Includes access to informational college seminars presented by Ethos Recruiting. Also includes a Personalized College Pathway intake meeting with Ethos Recruiting to identify players’ options and design specific pathways forward.

  • The Complete Placement Package

    FCB players that have decided they want to play in college are able to purchase this package for a heavily discounted fee (visit