Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is FC Batavia for?

We offer programs for all players: from the very youngest beginners who are just checking to see if they like the game, to more serious players wanting to improve enough to make their high school team, to top club players wanting to play at the highest levels in the state, all the way up to our most elite seniors that are getting ready to play in college or even want to try to reach professional levels.

What will be your training and game schedule?

Fall schedules at any club get announced in Jul/Aug. Our teams train 2 or 3 times per week (Mon-Thu) with games and tournaments on weekends.

When and where are your tryouts?

Visit our Tryout Registrations page for our calendar of events.

When does your soccer season start/end?

Starts in Aug and depending on age and level ends in Apr, May, or even mid-June

Where are your fields for games and training?

Here’s a list of all of our facilities with location maps. We are a north valley club with fields at Paradise Valley Park, Desert Broom Park, Buffalo Ridge Park, Desert Horizon Park, Sereno Park, and Scottsdale Soccer Complex.

How much does your program cost?

FC Batavia is a competitively priced youth soccer program in the Valley. We are not the most expensive, but also not the cheapest. Fee structures vary depending on age and involvement of the player. Here’s our Fee Structure in general terms.

Do you offer discounts, scholarships, or payment plans?

Yes, although funds are limited we do offer all these upon request and under certain conditions. Please complete out Financial Aid Request if you would like to apply for assistance.

Do you allow players to play multiple sports?

Depends on age and level but generally yes we do as long as it does not negatively impact soccer.

What are your training methods and coaching philosophy?

At younger ages we focus heavily on players’ technique, using Coerver Method and Small Sided Games.

How many tournaments per year do your teams enter?

Depends on age and level but on average we enter a tournament every 4-8 weeks.

What do your uniforms look like?

We take a lot of pride in our uniforms. Here’s a link to check them out for yourself.

Do you have a college program?

Yes, we work in close partnership with Ethos Recruiting.

Do your players get the exposure to be scouted by college coaches?

Yes, via our college program and the tournaments and leagues we enter along with our network.

Do your players have access to (European) trials at pro clubs?

Yes, our network includes affiliations with Topsport Limburg.

What is your club culture like?

Our club focuses on core values for the individual and also emphasizes the importance of team building and communication. Here’s more about our club.

What is your mission statement?

FCB is founded to teach Arizona youth, regardless of their socio-economic background, how to succeed in life through the medium of soccer.

How can we contact you?

Here’s a link to our Contact Page or you can Email Us directly any time.

What role does family play in your club?

Large, unlike other clubs we actively include parents in their child’s progress.

What role does school and education play in your program?

Large, more important than soccer. Decrease in grades can lead to temporary suspension from training or games.

Besides Team Training do you offer additional programs and personal training?

Yes, see Programs and Personal Training