Do we want to show all this or talk about fee “ranges”…can make specifics available by request/download/upon registration…

FC Batavia strives to make soccer affordable for all participants.  Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, budgeting is done to maximize the affordability to our membership.  There are four (4) Fee Structure components associated with our Competitive Program:  Registration, Uniforms/Training Gear, Training & Coaching Fees and Team Fees.
Registration Fee
Uniforms & Training Gear
$275 (includes backpack, warmup suit, game jerseys, game shorts, game socks, training shirts,  training shorts, and training socks). Note that this is not an annual cost as we change uniforms only every 2-3 years.
Financial Aid
Payment Plans, Discounts and Sponsorships are limited but in certain cases available upon request.
Team Fees
These are independent, mostly optional Team Costs like a team bench, shade tent, first aid kit, TeamSnap subscription, etc. Main Team Fees however are tournament registration & coaching fees. Exact amounts will depend on a team’s roster size and the amount of tournaments. The total Team Fees range from $250 to $500 per player per year.
Training & Coaching Fees
Includes professional training on weeknights plus professional coaching of all league games. Also includes professional goal-keepers training by our Goalkeeping Director Jeff Weil and Overall Athletic Performance Training by your team’s head coach. Exact amounts will depend on Players’ Age, Team Level, and Tier Coach. A 10% discount applies to families that pay their yearly Training & Coaching Fees up front by September 1st. A 5% discount applies to families that pay their Training & Coaching Fees quarterly instead of monthly. Preferred payment methods are automated direct checking or credit card.
U7-U8 (‘12-‘11) $50-75/month (4v4, 2 practices per week)
U9-U10 (‘10-‘09) $90-120/month (7v7, 3 practices per week)
U11-U12 (‘08-‘07) $120-140/month (9v9, 3 practices per week)
U13-U14 (‘06-‘05) $140-160/month (11v11, 3 practices per week)
U15-U19 (‘04-‘00)$150-170/month (excluding High School break, 3 practices per week)
Coach Tiers
Tier 1- Rick$70 per tournament game
Tier 2- Radu, Tim, Jeff $50 per tournament game