• 2013G-Navy

2013 Girls Navy

2023-2024 Season


ASA Open League u11 – Division 3

Planned Tournaments:

Fall: AYSO United Cup, Kick for the Cure, Christmas Angel

Spring: TBD

Team Outlook from Coach Dan

New team for 2023-24! A few girls played up in age on the 2012 Girls Navy team in 2022-23 that won the Rush Cup and earned back/back promotions in ASA u11 Open League.

This is a team that is hungry to make its mark, and individually they have shown great dedication to improving their skills. While a new team for 2023-24, many of the girls know each other or have played together previously, giving us a great jumping off point for chemistry on and off the field. I’m looking forward to seeing this group challenge one another in training and bringing the challenge to all they play against this year.

Playing Style

  • Our playing style is based off of Dutch Total Soccer where we stress possession to break down our opponents and create the best scoring opportunities
  • We value individual technique and skill combined with team tactical awareness to put us in the best position on both defense and offense, and in transition
  • We defend and attack as a team, and as we transition from 7v7 we put more focus on learning to use space to our advantage and to be aware of our responsibilities by position