• 2012B-Navy

2012 Boys Navy

2023-2024 Season


ASA Open League u12 – Division 5

Planned Tournaments:

We are planning between 5-6 tournaments between the fall and spring season.

Team Outlook from Coach Hossain

In the upcoming 23-24 season, I am thrilled to return to coaching after a two-year hiatus. What excites me the most is the opportunity to work with these young boys and help them grow and develop in their soccer skills. It will be a new challenge for me, especially after coaching older teams, but I am eager to guide them and witness their progress throughout the season.

Playing Style

  • Our playing style is based off of Dutch Total Soccer where we stress possession to break down our opponents and create the best scoring opportunities
  • We value individual technique and skill combined with team tactical awareness to put us in the best position on both defense and offense, and in transition
  • We defend and attack as a team, and as we transition from 7v7 we put more focus on learning to use space to our advantage and to be aware of our responsibilities by position